Train with the TraceX® Mobile Explosive Detector Kit

The TraceX explosive kit is a mobile explosive detector designed for use in the field. TraceX is easy to use, and Morphix provides a number of training tools to make it simple and painless to get up and running. Mobile explosive detection has never been easier.

Click on the Operating Instructions and simply follow the ten steps to detect all of the major families of Home Made Explosives (HMEs) and their precursors in a single test. For more details on the use of TraceX, click on the User Guide.

TraceX Operating Instructions

User Guide
TraceX User Guide

Training Video

Click on the training video for an easy to follow, twelve minute description of how to use TraceX. By using the training video together with the Operating Instructions and the classroom training kit, you and your team can be ready to use the TraceX mobile explosives detector in the real world.

Classroom Training Kit

The TraceX training kit provides a real-world training experience for trainees. The user follows the instructions to spread the simulated HME powder (safe citric acid powder provided in each kit), collect the powder using the TraceX collector, and then see a color change form in the kit. Click on the Training Kit video to learn more.