Intelligence Applications


Intelligence Uses for the TraceX® Hand Held Explosive Detector Kit

In many cases, detecting just a trace of explosive material can make all the difference. Intelligence officials can use the TraceX hand held explosive detector kit to discreetly detect the presence of explosive materials and their precursors in real-time. Using the TraceX hand held explosive detector is easy; minimal training is required. With a single test, an intelligence officer can detect all of the major families of explosives and precursors.

As a hand held explosives detector, TraceX is convenient for field use. When you need to know on the spot and can't wait for laboratory analysis, the TraceX hand held explosives detector is your choice. TraceX works for bulk and trace explosives. Even if you can't see it, TraceX will tell you if it's there.

All major explosive materials are detected in a single swab. And, because the design keeps the user's hands away from the collector to minimize contamination, you can have confidence in the results.

Hand held explosive detection has never been easier or more reliable.