Competitive Comparison


TraceX® Portable Explosive Detector Kit - Competitive Comparison

There are a number of colorimetric portable explosive detector kits on the market, but TraceX is unique.

Rugged: The TraceX portable explosive detector is small enough to fit in your cargo pocket, but rugged enough for use in the real world. All chemicals in TraceX are sealed in ampoules, and each kit is enclosed in a rigid plastic case; no more broken ampoules or leaky droppers that happen with other kits.

Just One Test: Other portable explosives detectors require you to run a series of tests, and then interpret the results. But with TraceX, you swab the suspect area once and run one test; TraceX detects all major explosive materials.

Use with Robots: The TraceX collector can be held in the claw of a bomb squad robot, so technicians can collect a sample while keeping a safe distance. Other portable explosives detector kits have flexible swabs, which cannot easily be used with a robot. Click here to learn more about using TraceX with a robot.

Confidence in the Results: With other portable explosives detector kits, contamination such as gunshot residue (GSR) from the user's hands or gloves can easily cause false positive results. With TraceX, the collector handle and cover prevent user contamination, so you can have confidence in the results.

Below is a table which compares TraceX to other portable explosives detector kits. Once you compare, TraceX is the clear first choice.

  TraceX® Explosives Kit Wipes Pens
# of explosive families detected in one test cycle 9 1-41 1-31
Trace detection Yes Yes Yes or No1
Bulk detection Yes Yes Yes
Time for results < 3 minutes total 2-12 minutes2 2-12 minutes2
Ease of use Single swab and crush Multiple swab and crush cycles, until a positive indication occurs Multiple swab and crush cycles, until a positive indication occurs
Interpretation of results Results clearly indicated User interprets results based on color formed after serial analyses User interprets patterns from multiple pens
User safety All chemicals contained inside plastic case Possible user exposure to chemicals Possible user exposure to chemicals
Potential for sample contamination Low3 High3 Medium3
Ruggedness Each kit encased in protective plastic case Fragile ampoules are minimally protected Fragile ampoules have limited protection provided by pen casing
Heat source required No Yes or No1 No

1 Depends on specific product.
2 Each test can take ~2 minutes; total time depends on number of tests run in series.
3 For TraceX Explosives kit, sampling site is protected by cover, and user swabs with handle.
  For Wipes, user touches sampling site when swabbing. In some kits, reuse of dropper may introduce contamination.
  For Pens, user must avoid touching tip of pen (which is sampling site).