Phosgene Badges

  • SafeAir Phosgene badge clipped to the lapel of an industrial worker
  • SafeAir Aromatic Isocyanate badge clipped to the lapel of an industrial worker
  • SafeAir badge clipped to safety vest of industrial worker
  • SafeAir badge clipped to lab coat of a scientist in a laboratory
  • SafeAir badge clipped to lab coat of scientist
  • SafeAir badge clipped to the lapel of an industrial worker near gas cylinders

About Phosgene Detection & SafeAir® Phosgene Badges

What Do Phosgene Detection Badges Do?
Morphix is the world leader in phosgene detection badges, also known as phosgene indicator badges or phosgene monitoring badges. We have a strong relationship with the phosgene industry, and have worked closely with them to provide phosgene indicator badges that best meet the needs of industry. Phosgene producers throughout the world use SafeAir phosgene badges for workers in their phosgene production facilities. Morphix produces SafeAir phosgene badges in multiple languages to meet global demand.

A worker wears a SafeAir phosgene badge in his/her breathing zone (e.g. clipped to a shirt collar) in order to monitor for phosgene. The badge can also be used to monitor for phosgene leaks by hanging the badge near a suspect area. A change in color on the indicator badge, in the shape of an exclamation mark, alerts the user to exposure to phosgene. Morphix also offers SafeAir phosgene color comparators, which can be used to read exposure dose levels by matching the color on the phosgene badge to the color in the phosgene comparator. Morphix offers a variety of SafeAir phosgene detection badges to meet the various needs of industry, as described in the table. Click on the badge name in the table in order to open the Operating Instructions for that badge.

With the SafeAir phosgene badge, phosgene detection has never been easier.

How Is Phosgene Used?

Phosgene is used in industry as a precursor chemical to many everyday products. The most common use of phosgene is to create isocyanates, which in turn are used to create polyurethane foams for furniture, cars and other products. Phosgene is also a precursor to a variety of plastics and pharmaceuticals.

What Are The Health Effects Of Phosgene?
Phosgene is highly toxic. Phosgene gas was used as a chemical warfare agent in World War I. Because of its high toxicity, most phosgene is converted to another chemical, for instance an isocyanate, at the same site where it is generated. As a result, typically only small amounts of phosgene are transported. Worker exposure to phosgene is dangerous, and must be closely monitored with a phosgene detector.  Inhalation of phosgene gas may cause choking, coughing, painful breathing, pneumonia, or severe pulmonary edema (abnormal fluid build-up in the lungs). Proper engineering procedures, protective equipment, and phosgene detection capabilities should be in place wherever phosgene is potentially present.

SafeAir phosgene badge inserted in a SafeAir phosgene color comparator.  Match the color on the badge to the comparator to determine phosgene exposure dose.

How Is Industry Involved With Phosgene Safety?
Industry has shown a strong emphasis on the safe use of phosgene through organizations such as the International Isocyanate Institute (III) and the Phosgene Panel of the American Chemistry Council. Phosgene manufacturers promote safety in the production of phosgene and resulting isocyanates by sharing safety and health information. Effective phosgene detection is the cornerstone of phosgene safety. Most phosgene manufacturers have implemented a "global best practice" that all workers in a phosgene facility should wear a phosgene badge. Most phosgene-producing facilities worldwide utilize both large phosgene detectors for wide-area monitoring, and phosgene indicator badges for individual monitoring.

Badge Name Part # Service Life Limit of Detection
(in ppm-minute)
Color Comparator
Part Number
SafeAir Phosgene 382036 3-day 0.5 383016
SafeAir Phosgene MediBadge
(aka Medic Badge)
382060 5-day 10 383020
SafeAir Phosgene DuraBadge 382065 5-day 1.2 383022