SafeAir Badges

  • SafeAir Aromatic Isocyanate badge clipped to the lapel of an industrial worker using hand tools

SafeAir® Chemical Detection Badges

When there's a threat of chemical hazard, immediate detection is paramount. The SafeAir System offers immediate visual confirmation of a specific chemical hazard. SafeAir chemical detection badges are available for many different toxic industrial chemicals.

The highly sensitive and selective sensor in the SafeAir badge is designed to show a homogeneous and stable color change, which appears as an exclamation point when a particular chemical is present. No calibration or laboratory analysis is needed, making the badges effective, easy-to-use and inexpensive.

For many SafeAir badges, a color comparator is available to pinpoint the exposure dose of a toxic chemical. These specially designed color charts feature a slot for the badges. Once the badge is inserted, the user can turn a wheel to match the colors. The exposure dose is indicated in the exposure dose window. For more information, see our SafeAir System brochure.

SafeAir Chemical Detection Badges

SafeAir chemical detection badges are available for each of the toxic chemicals included in the table.


Click on the chemical name in the table to open the Operating Instructions.
Chemical Name Badge Part Number (Box of Fifty) Comparator Part Number
Ammonia 382010-50  
Aromatic Isocyanates (TDI and MDI) 382001-50 TDI: 383005
Carbon Monoxide 382012-50  
Chlorine 382009-50 383010
Chlorine/Chlorine Dioxide 382003-50  
Formaldehyde 382011-50  
Hydrazine 382002-50 383001
Hydrazine Dual-Level 382020-50
Hydrogen Sulfide 382015-50  
Mercury 382005-50  
Ozone 382004-50  
Phosgene 382036-50 383016
Phosgene-Dura 382065-50 383022
Phosgene-Medi 382060-50 383020
Sulfur Dioxide 382014-50