• SafeAir badge worn by an industrial worker for chemical detectionSafeAir
  • TraceX Explosives Kit indicating a color change for TNTTraceX Explosives Kit
  • ChromAir badge clipped to a lab coat of an industrial workerChromAir
  • Chameleon chemical detection armband worn by military personnel for chemical detectionChameleon
  • TraceX Explosives Kit used by a police officer to detect explosivesTraceX Explosives Kit

Chemical & Explosive Detection Products

Morphix Technologies' colorimetric chemical detection systems save lives. SafeAir®, ChromAir® and Chameleon® warn users of dangerous gasses in the air - allowing the user to take appropriate action. And, Morphix's TraceX® explosive detection kit allows rapid, easy detection of explosive materials to identify bombers, bomb-making and bomb-making facilities.

The alert systems could not be simpler: a color-change alerts the user to a wide range of toxic or explosive chemicals in real time, without the burden of additional hardware or an external power source. Easy-to-read and cost-effective, these unobtrusive sensors provide up-to-the-minute feedback that is invaluable for military, law enforcement, first response, emergency, homeland security and industrial personnel.