ChromAir® Chemical Detection Badges 

In some settings, monitoring the amount of exposure is the key to safe working conditions. ChromAir is designed to detect exposure dose levels to specific toxic chemicals. Because it relies on diffusion, there is no pump to operate. The patented design provides immediate and accurate results throughout the sampling period.

The ChromAir chemical exposure monitoring badge offers six exposure levels, with most indicating from one-tenth to two times the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) Time Weighted Average (TWA) for an eight-hour work period. To determine the average concentration, users can locate the highest cell with a color change and divide the corresponding dose level (parts per million times hour) by the sampling time in hours.

Some ChromAir badges can be used with color comparators to pinpoint higher resolution and wider range. These specially designed color charts feature a slot for the badges. After the badge is inserted, the user can move the slider to match the colors. The exposure dose is indicated in the exposure dose window. For more information, see the ChromAir System brochure.

ChromAir Badge

ChromAir chemical exposure monitoring badges are available for each of the toxic chemicals in the table.


Click on the chemical name in the table to open the Operating Instructions.
Chemical Name Badge Part Number (Box of Ten) Comparator Part Number
Acetone 380020-10  
Ammonia 380003-10  
Carbon Monoxide 380008-10 384006
Chlorine 380004-10  
Formaldehyde 380007-10 384001
Glutaraldehyde 380017-10  
Mercury 380018-10
Methyl Ethyl Ketone 380020-10  
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone 380020-10  
Ozone 380010-10