• Chameleon chemical detection device attached by hook and loop to a robot arm
  • Chameleon chemical detection armband on the forearm of an industrial worker in protective clothing

Training for the Chameleon® Chemical Detection Armband 

No special training is needed to use the Chameleon. Once the cassettes are inserted into the band and the band is attached to the arm or leg, the user simply looks for a change in color of any of the cassettes. One color indicates the absence of toxic gas. When two colors appear in the window, users know it's time to take action.

Chameleon Armband

Training Video

While other chemical detection devices require months of training, a user can be trained to use the Chameleon with this nine-minute training video (click on the Training video to begin). With the Chameleon, you can forget about time-consuming calibrations and grueling training required for other detection devices.

Classroom Training Kit

A training kit for classroom demonstrations is available. This kit includes ampoules, which when squeezed release "smelling salts" or ammonia inhalant. The "smelling salts" make the training cassette change color, providing a real-world example of the Chameleon in action. To learn more, click on the Training Kit video.