Industrial Applications

  • Chameleon chemical detection device attached by hook and loop to a robot arm
  • Chameleon chemical detection armband on the forearm of an industrial worker in protective clothing

Industrial Uses for Chameleon® Chemical Detection Armband 

In manufacturing and industrial settings, real-time detection of chemical threats is the cornerstone to a safe working environment and consistent uptime. In fact, chemical detection is often mandatory in order to meet industry best practices, OSHA regulations or labor agreements.

There are many chemical detectors on the market, choosing the right one is critical. Traditional electronic chemical detectors require a great deal of training, a large budget and regular maintenance. These chemical detectors are designed for use by specialists. The Chameleon chemical detection armband is much more convenient. Simple to use and low cost, Chameleon is a unique chemical detector that can be used by every worker.


At times, the industrial users need to monitor for multiple toxic chemicals-all at the same time. The Chameleon can simultaneously monitor for up to 10 toxic industrial gasses. Its rugged design is ideal for complex industrial situations. Even after being immersed in water, the Chameleon still works.  Finally, there is a chemical detector that is made for real-life conditions.