Morphix Technologies Building.  About Morphix Technologies.

Morphix Technologies® is a privately-owned American business that develops, manufactures and sells colorimetric chemical detection products that are easy to use, lightweight and inexpensive. These sensors are used in over forty countries to save lives of military, law enforcement, emergency response and industrial personnel.

Since its inception in 1991, Morphix Technologies has worked diligently to stay at the forefront of colorimetric detection solutions-adapting to the inevitable changes in science and customers' needs. It is this flexibility and longevity that makes Morphix a leader in its industry.

Chemical Detection
The company began as Gilian Environmental (a division of Gilian Instruments) in 1991. Shortly after, it developed chemical detection badges for industrial use. To this day, industrial hygiene professionals rely on SafeAir® and ChromAir® badges to monitor exposure to toxic gasses.

Four years later, five employees offered to buy the division from Gilian, which became K & M Environmental. For the first nine months, a tiny staff worked 9 to 5 selling products and after hours actually manufacturing them by hand. Within a year, the company was profitable.

In the early 2000s, the company began to focus on developing solutions for military personnel and first responders. To match its expanding customer base and capabilities, the company was renamed Morphix Technologies.

In 2005, the company launched the Chameleon® product line, which provides rugged, easy-to-use chemical detection for military and first response personnel. The Chameleon could not have come at a more important time, as terrorism, meth labs and even chemical suicides have become serious concerns for warfighters and first responders. Since the Chameleon was first introduced, Morphix Technologies has listened carefully to its customers' needs, expanding its list of detectable chemicals and offering kits for use in specific settings.

In 2008, Morphix Technologies was awarded ISO 9001 certification, demonstrating the company's commitment to developing, manufacturing and selling high quality products. This designation helps Morphix to better serve its customers.

Explosives Detection
In 2013, Morphix launched its TraceX® product line. The TraceX Explosives kit detects trace levels of explosive materials and their precursors on surfaces. With a single swab, the TraceX Explosives kit allows military and law enforcement personnel to quickly and easily identify the most common Home Made Explosives (HME) materials used to make Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Terrorist events, like the bombings of the London subway or the Boston marathon, demonstrate the need to identify bombers, bomb-makers and their bomb-making facilities before and after they do harm. The TraceX Explosives kit has become an important new tool in this fight.

Today, Morphix Technology is continuing its commitment to industry, law enforcement, first responders and military clients.