TraceX Explosive Detection Kit Overview

Explosives remain the weapon of choice for terrorists around the world. While once the domain of international terrorist organizations, bombs are now a threat from local, home-grown terrorists as well. Sadly, Home Made Explosives (HMEs) and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) have become a fact of modern life. Military, law enforcement and intelligence personnel have a dual-role: uncovering the bomb networks before the bombers do harm, and investigating an incident after it occurs.

The TraceX explosives detection kit is designed to help identify bombers, bomb-makers and their bomb-making facilities. It detects the most common explosive materials and their precursors in a single test. Click here to see the TraceX brochure.

A traditional portable electronic explosive detection device requires a great deal of specialized training, a large budget and regular maintenance. While colorimetric explosive detection kits have existed for some time, they often require the user to mix chemicals, perform serial analyses, perform multiple swabs or tests, and then use a chart to interpret the results. Said plainly, existing colorimetric kits are difficult to use, especially in stressful situations; it's hard to interpret results correctly when bullets are flying. Even worse, existing colorimetric kits can expose the user to dangerous chemicals, and expose the kit to contamination from the environment or the user, leading to unreliable results.

The TraceX explosives detection kit is much more convenient. Simple to use and low cost, it can be used by every warfighter or law enforcement officer. With a single swab, the TraceX Explosives kit detects all the major families of explosive materials and their precursors. Thanks to the TraceX's simple color-change alert system, a single color indicates the presence of a particular family of explosive material. No longer does the user have to conduct serial tests, and then try to interpret the results. The photo to your right shows a TraceX Explosives kit detecting TNT.

The TraceX Explosives kit was developed by Morphix Technologies under contract from the US Department of Defense, and meets their demanding requirements. It is small enough to fit in a cargo pocket, lightweight and rugged. Each kit comes in its own disposable protective plastic case, so you know it will be ready to use when needed. No more broken ampoules from rough handling. And, the innovative collection system protects the sample from user contamination, so you can have confidence in the result.

The TraceX Explosives kit is available in boxes of five kits. Just request part number 510100.  

TraceX Explosives Kit. Rugged. Reliable. Easy to Use.

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